Manhattans Pizza Bistro and Music Club (Guelph)

Location: Guelph, Canada
Address: 951 Gordon Street

Type of Meal: Dinner

Manhattan’s is a restaurant and music club in one offering a busy artistic calendar including piano performances, jazz, funk and even art shows.  Check out their website for the full roster of acts and showcases being planned. Located front and centre in a plaza, its skyline logo is hard to miss and open but cozy interior makes it a great spot for relaxing meals.   

Despite its carb filled menu, a plank of warm crusty bread arrives after ordering with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a great spice mixture for dipping. It’s always hard for me to turn down freshly baked bread but with Manhattan’s significant portion sizes do try to control yourself!

To start, their Caesar salad (large size; $8) was more than enough for my husband and I to share.  The garlicky dressing on crisp romaine is expected, so what makes it different are the real thickly cut bacon bits adding smokiness to everything. Even the croutons are made by drizzling chili oil on it to give it a bit of heat.

But, what makes my husband and I keep coming back is their pizza – a well done thin crispy crust that’s loaded to the edge with fresh toppings.  Our favourite is the Gillespie (medium 16” size; $28) prepared with garlic pesto oil, roasted chicken breast, caramelized red onions and spinach.  Normally, I’m not a fan of sweet and salty combinations, but something about the drizzles of honey topping the pizza makes everything work so well together. What makes it even better is the bottle of chili oil brought along with the pizza; great for dipping the crust into.

Manhattan’s medium is easily the size of a large pizza at other restaurants so we’re never able to finish it. Of course, we could always order the small size, but we need an excuse to have leftovers for the next day (albeit it doesn’t necessarily reheat that well).

Aside from pizzas, they also offer salads, pastas and a variety of mains so there’s something for everyone.  Glasses of wine, offered in 6oz and 9oz options, seem to be much larger arriving in large bulbous glasses. Whether you come for the pizza and stay for the show, Manhattan’s is a great spot for delicious reasonably priced meals.  The entertainment is just a wonderful bonus.

Overall mark - 8.5 out of 10

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