The Pommelers Restaurant (London)

Location: London, England
Address: 196-198 Tower Bridge Road
Type of Meal: Lunch

As a warning, if you’re looking for amazing pub food Pommeler’s isn’t the place for you.  But, if you’re site seeing around the Tower of London/Tower Bridge area and need a quick bite at an affordable price this is where to visit.  Located in Southwark, a short walk across the Tower Bridge the atmosphere is noticeably calmer; you don’t need to worry about crowds, line-ups or waiting for a table.  During our weekday visit, we walked right in and soon learned that Pommeler’s is semi-self-service – you sit yourself, peruse the menu on the table, make note of your table number and head up to the bar to order and grab your drinks.  Afterwards, head back to your table and a short wait later a server will bring you the food.

Their menu offers “meal deals” where for about £2 more you can get a pint/bottle of beer, mixed spirit or wine.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine the exact price of my meal pictured below as I ordered a diet coke with the meal but they ended up using mine as the meal deal in order to bring down the price of my husband’s meal.  In the end, a chicken burger with fries, BBQ chicken panini with fries, pint of Kronen 1664 and a diet coke ended up only costing us £14.83!  

The burger was decent with the chicken being a sizable piece of chicken breast and tender.  It was a bit bland at first but after slathering the side of salsa onto the burger it tasted much better.  The chip quality is average but still hot to order.  All in all, the meal was satisfying and served quickly so that we could get back to sightseeing in no time!

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