Lavazza Coffee (Product Review)


Being a member of a consumer testing panel called BzzAgent, I was recently invited to a campaign for Lavazza coffee. Given the food based nature of the product, I thought I’d include my thoughts about it on Gastroworld.

Unlike the restaurant reviews, the products were free. Nonetheless, I’ll still be fair and provide my honest opinion.  The kit arrived containing two full sized packages of ground coffee and a travel mug. 

What you may first notice about the coffee is how fine the grind is – almost like a powder as oppose to granules.  The Gran Selezione is a darker brew and retained its deep colour even after milk was added. Normally I prefer medium roasts as darker roasts can have a bitter aftertaste. Lavazza’s, although intensely flavoured, didn’t have any bitterness on the palate. The package describes the coffee as having a chocolaty taste which I found accurate as there is a lasting dark chocolate flavour after each sip. Moreover, it was fairly aromatic, especially when brewed, but retained its scent even after being sweetened and diluted with milk (albeit slightly muted). 

Surprisingly, the Gran Aroma didn’t live up to its name; it really was no more aromatic than a traditional coffee roasts we purchase (Starbucks, Tim Hortons or Van Houtte). Also, it had an acidic after taste compared to the Selezione, although in line with competitors. Still, the Gran Aroma did have a pleasant smooth finish, which the Selezione did as well. Of the two, my vote is for the Gran Selezione which has the aroma and finish that makes it superior to my current brews. Who knows, it may soon become the regular choice amongst our household.

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