Did your hear Old School is officially opened?

Old School

Today, May 23, Old School officially opened, occupying the previous Hudson Kitchen’s airy corner lot. Executive Chef and Co-owner Brad Moore and Chef de Cuisine Ian Kapitan have curated a menu with traditional favourites with a slight twist – for breakfast you may be interested in the giant baby apple ($17), a baked mushroom cloud apple pie meets pancake?

Chef Moore has also brought over the delicious fried chicken from School. I’ve heard enough people talk about it and had my first taste at Old School’s media tasting – it was everything you’d want with a flakey crust, succulent chicken, flavourful spices and a drizzle of sweet syrup. You can try it within a dish at breakfast (fried chicken n’ waffles - $19), lunch (colonel sandwich - $10) or dinner (colonel’s bucket - $19).

Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to taste more that evening but heard from Parv# that their sliders and brisket were also delicious. Their menu certainly leans heavy towards the carnivore with ribs, smoked pork, meat loaf and other BBQed meats sure to cause hearts to go a flutter. And they have scoured the USA from cities such as Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina and Austin for inspiration, bringing the taste to Canada.

For those who’d rather eat in the comfort of their home, there’s also a General Store at the back with a selection of smoked meats, baked goods, snacks and more. The media event displayed a wall of delicious looking condiments (bacon mayo anyone) and a low-fat chocolate syrup that I hear the Chef loves.  

Old School has you covered three meals a day; opened from 9am to late. The restaurant notes, “Old School will make you feel right at home. A place to kick-back, relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.” The post is but informational in nature as it’d hardly be fair for me to provide a rating on a tasting of fried chicken alone. So, I’ll definitely need to return for a proper meal and provide everyone with an actual review.

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 800 Dundas Street West