Kultura Festival: Celebrating Filipino Culture and Food!

Hosted by the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture, the Kultura Festival has grown from a small local celebration in Kensington Market to a multi-day affair at the prominent Yonge and Dundas Square. This August 5th to 9th, head downtown for a glimpse of beautiful art exhibitions. The main event will be on August 9th, where they will also have unique items for sale at their marketplace and Filipino street eats to satisfy hungry visitors.

Prior to the event, Kapisanan invited me to sample a couple of the dishes that will be served in the Street Eats Competition. With six chefs fighting for the title, you'll be able to try everything from spring rolls, lechon, fried chicken, taho, biko squares and Nutella delights. Each dish is $3 to try or you can save time and money by purchasing the Kain Kalye passport ahead of time. The best thing is that you'll decide on the winner, by using your ticket to vote for who's eat is the most delicious!

Kanto by Tita Flips is featuring two tastes of taho, a dish that is eaten throughout the day but particularly popular in the mornings. Using their house-made silken tofu, it's presented with two types of syrup (brown sugar and simple), tapioca (the pearls you'd find in bubble tea and the smaller dessert version) and garnished with pear slivers and peanut brittle.

Another sweet delight is the biko squares, which is a delicious sticky rice cake made with coconut milk and brown sugar. Topping each square is a thicker syrup for extra sweetness and chopped pistachio for textural contrast.

Aside from the competition there will be drinks for $1 and more substantial dishes for $5 or $7. Kanto will be serving a delicious sounding Filipino poutine and steak and eggs, while Las Pinas a pork belly bao with adobo glaze.

Regardless, the Kultura Festival will open your eyes to the Filipino culture. August 9th is going to be a busy day packed with vendors and entertainment. Head to their Facebook invite for the full schedule.

How To Find Them
 Location: Yonge Dundas Square, Toronto
 Date: August 9, 2015, noon to 7pm 

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