Simply Snacking: Purdys' Hedgehogs

Purdy's hedgehogs

Purdys Chocolatier started in Vancouver, British Columbia and since the 1970s has expanded into other Canadian provinces. Having seen a number of their elegant purple retail spaces filled with chocolates and confectionery items, it wasn’t until Christmas that I had my first taste of a Hedgehog.

Developed in the early 1990s, the Hedgehog is for the truffle lovers with its creamy gianduja (chocolate spread containing hazelnut paste) filling. It’s comparable to a Nutella truffle but less sweet and has a more pronounced hazelnut taste. The filling is smooth and velvety without feeling oily and encapsulated in a crispy chocolate shell.

Being an animal lover, the cute hedgehog (officially named Philbert) design attracts me as well. With ‘regular’ and ‘mini’ sizes, I find the mini is perfect for satisfying a something sweet craving without being overwhelming. The picture and nutritional information shown are for the mini. 

How To Find Them 
 Approx. Price:  $12 for box of 10 minis
                             $16 for box of 10 regular