Simply Snacking: Taste of Nature Bars

Granola bars, cereal bars, breakfast bars … whatever you call them, they are generally: sickingly sweet, high in calories and keeps me full for about an hour. Or there’s the other end of the spectrum: where the bars are bland but chocked full of powders and additives that blending it with liquid will make a protein shake. Please, find me a recipe that makes sense!

Taste of Nature’s product is different and when two mini-sized ones arrived in the June Yummy Goody Box, it reminded me of why I like them. Firstly, it’s called a “food bar” and their bars contain just that: whole nuts, juice sweetened dried fruit and grains for texture/crunch without it being overwhelming. The well-balanced sweetness to the product allows it work as breakfast or a snack.

Secondly, the texture is appealing: a soft chewiness that has satisfied a cookie craving in a pinch. Taste of Nature says they make their bars in smaller quantities leading to quicker inventory turnover and a fresher product. I believe the claim, the bars do seem fresh – perhaps, it’s due to their manufacturing facility being just up the road from Toronto (located in Markham, Ontario).  

The bars are cold pressed, rather than baked, to help protect the ingredient’s nutrients. And the company strives to be environmentally friendly by partnering with green suppliers and recycling food waste for animal feed. All great practices that makes eating the food bar even more guilt-free.

My only complaint is that they’re difficult to find in a multi-pack box – they’re available at Whole Foods, but purchasing them as singles starts to become expensive. Plus, I’ve yet to find the mini-sized ones in stores - the perfect format for snacking on.

Regardless, I’m just happy to have discovered an alternative to the candy bars hiding beneath “great breakfast option” claims. Ah Taste of Nature … you taste good. 

How To Find Them 
 Approx. Price:  $1.99 for a regular sized single