Eis Café Venezia (Crimittschau)

Eis Cafe Venezia

Situated in the main square of Crimittschau, Eis Café Venezia was one of the few stores opened during a Sunday visit. It’s a small establishment with a patio out front, which was where most customers were mingling on the beautiful spring day.

Some people were sipping on rich coffees, indeed we started with these ourselves. But, it was Eis’ sundaes that made people stare and after seeing one I had to try it. There were plenty adorned with fresh cut fruit, but the one calling for me had to be the Amaretto becher (€5.20).

It’s a behemoth consisting of three scoops of creamy cold gelato - vanilla, chocolate and cookies & cream. The generous mound of whipped cream on top is further covered with whole and crushed amaretti (lightly scented almond cookies), a crispy vanilla wafer and a drizzle of Amaretto (a rich sweet and bitter almond liqueur).

The ice cream and cookies would delight any child, but the liqueur is abundant enough that it reminds you: this is a sundae for adults. Certainly, there was plenty of it; even sharing with my husband we could not finish the dish.

There’s something magical about sundaes – as the gentlemen walked towards me holding it, my eyes lit and everything stops for a moment … until I could get the first taste. At Eis Café the sundae becomes an art form, a towering creation with toppings placed strategically over the gelato to excite and delight. If you’re ever in Crimittschau, a small town in Germany, I dare you to go and just order a coffee.

How To Find Them
 Location: Crimmitschau, Germany
 Address: Markt 4

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