CLOSED: Chico's Cantina (Copenhagen)

Chico's Cantina

It’s unclear how it happened, but all the sudden we had a hankering for Mexican. I can’t remember if the craving came before I saw the sign “Chico’s Cantina” or afterwards; regardless, suddenly the only thing that could satisfy me was Mexican… while in Copenhagen. After all, we’ve all heard the Danes are known for their guacamole, right?

During the afternoon visit, Chico’s was offering a reasonably priced lunch menu. The beef burrito (85 DKK) was stuffed simply with shredded beef and refried beans, melted cheese and drizzles of sour cream over top. The meat was tasty enough but needed extra spices; luckily, there was a bottle of hot sauce on the table. With plenty of thin crispy tortilla chips and a thick chunky guacamole, it made for a filling meal.

Similarly, the chicken quesadilla (65 DKK) was rather plain filled with copious amount of shredded chicken, which was at least marinated and had more flavour. There may have been a sprinkle of melted cheese, but it was really the fresh guacamole that gave it interest.

Chico’s dishes aren’t overly saucy and smothered with dairy like Tex Mex counterparts. Rather, there are hints of chili pepper flavours amongst moist shredded meat and soft tortillas. Indeed, I wouldn’t call it ‘healthy’, but you also don’t feel gross and glutinous afterwards.

While looking for the toilets, I stumbled upon their jungle room, a large expansive bar filled with Tiki huts and cool looking tables. Greenery and fraying “vines” were everywhere giving it such a great vibe. Despite it being light out, there was a table of boisterous middle aged individuals drinking the afternoon away. So it appears, the Danes may not be known for their guacamole, but should be recognized for their fun loving spirit, no matter what time it is.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Copenhagen, Danmark
 Address: Borgergade 2

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