Sushi Toni (San Francisco)

It’s not always easy to find a restaurant opened past 11pm, which is exactly the predicament we found ourselves in one night in San Francisco. Luckily, a quick search in the area brought us recommendations to visit Sushi Toni, not exactly hidden, but wouldn’t be a restaurant we’d stumble upon either.  

Sushi Toni San Francisco

Toni’s maki are the best options on the menu, especially for sharing amongst a few people. Pictured from top to bottom:
  • If you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing, the 49ers roll ($11.50) is a great choice with the sisho leaf and lemon adding a strong citrusy zing to the salmon and tobiko.
  • The red dragon ($11.50) was my favourite of the night consisting of vibrant tuna, crab and avocado topped with sweet and salty eel sauce, sesame and green onions. Overall, there was a good balance of flavours without detracting from the fish.
  • Luckily, without the same tragic ending as the story, the Romeo and Juliet ($12.50) was another delicious find. Substituting soy bean paper for seaweed, the roll combines salmon and scallop with creamy avocado, pops of tobiko and a bit of sweetness from the eel sauce.
The crunch roll ($9.50) didn’t live up to its name unless you count the pile of tempura bits on top. Nonetheless, it was passable incorporating spicy tuna and shrimp tempura wrapped in soy bean paper. Drizzling spicy mayo on top would help to wake up the somewhat bland dish.

Certainly, the rolls were much better than the other items we tried. The miso soup ($2), although hot, was lacking in supplementary ingredients. While the chicken don buri ($11.50) was extremely bland and in desperate need of more teriyaki sauce on top of the baked chicken, vegetables and egg.

Nonetheless, Sushi Toni’s maki were satisfying and there were many other tasty sounding versions on the menu. Moreover, service was warm and welcoming despite the late hour we entered. Thank you for sedating our hunger late into the evening. 

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: San Francisco, USA
 Address: 733 Bush Street

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