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Bake Code Toronto

Bake Code is a bakery that’s seen a lot of press with mainstream media and bloggers. Every time I see a picture of the glistening carbs, they beckon me to visit. In reality, it really shouldn’t have taken me so long to make it out to the store, given its proximity to my home, but the news of the fabled crowds and line-ups just didn’t sound appetizing.

After waiting for the hype to die down, I bit the bullet and visited early on a Saturday (about half an hour after opening), to be greeted by a relatively empty store but alas also empty shelves. Over the fifteen minutes I hung around, staff were gradually putting product out (albeit at a rather unhurried pace), an annoying experience as it was hard to determine what to purchase without knowing the complete choices.

Eventually, I had enough and settled on a selection of buns that were available. After hearing the praise for their mentaiko baguette, I was in luck that they had the mentaiko rolls ($1.70) on display. About the size of tennis ball they’re the soft eggy dinner rolls found in Asian bakeries topped with a layer of oily fish roe. Sure, the bun was sort of reminiscent of sushi, but admittedly not my favourite. 

Mentaiko Roll: Photo courtesy of Bake Code
If only the filling in the custard bun ($2.20) were sweeter it would have been fantastic. There was a nice ratio of custard to bun and baked with a wonderful caramel crust letting out that yeasty bread smell I love.

My husband enjoyed their ham crescent ($2.90), a crispy flaky croissant stuffed with a smoked ham and baked until it’s extremely crispy and flaky.  

Ham Crescent: Photo courtesy of Bake Code
The cranberry creamed cheese crown ($4.50) consisted of pillowy soft pull apart buns, the texture a cross between a ciabatta and kaiser, filled ample amounts of dried cranberry studded creamed cheese. With three to a crown, this is also a comparatively economical offering.  

I appreciate the unique selection Bake Code offers: from their website the selection of cakes and the pork floss bun sounds intriguing. However, as with all businesses, it’s hard to sell what’s not in stock... please Bake Code, make sure your product is ready when you open!

Overall, the first visit wasn’t as successful as one would hope – the available goods were decent but hardly as unique and amazing as I’ve been hearing. One day, perhaps I’ll make it out to the bakery again, this time here’s hoping the shelves will be full.     

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 4910 Yonge Street

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