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Early Mercy Toronto

Descriptions such as welcoming, laid-back, or whimsical rarely comes to mind when envisioning nightlife in the King West area. Rather I think back to evenings of waiting in line wearing hemlines that were embarrassingly short, hoping a stern looking bouncer or person holding a clipboard is in a good mood.

Early Mercy TorontoHence, when Early Mercy’s media invite arrived with images of its brightly lit rustic environment, I was intrigued and happy to see that it wouldn’t be another so-called exclusive and dress-code driven establishment.

The bar is huge and situated squarely in the middle of the room. With the ample frontage, the wait was never more than one person deep and I didn’t see people trying to wedge their way between others to claim real estate on the bar’s ledge.

Although I’m glad my dating days are behind me, Early Mercy would be a great venue for first dates: there are plenty of elements in the room to keep conversations flowing. For example, the word wall where sayings such as “in your wildest dreams” can be deciphered or you can start a drinking game using the portraits of Che Guevara, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill hanging above the plaid booths (thank me later for giving you four to start).

Early Mercy Toronto - wall of sayingsEarly Mercy Toronto - famous plates

Of course, when all else fails, knocking back a few of their easy-going cocktails, named after famous personalities, can help boost your courage and keep things interesting. The Lincoln is a vodka lemonade that’s spritz up with ginger ale.

Early Mercy Toronto - drinks

Under normal circumstances, Early Mercy will have a rotating menu curated by Toronto caterers and on a weekly basis invite in local food trucks. For the event, Provisions served up small easy-to-eat bites where you could quickly pop it in your mouth and get back to mingling. Their take on popcorn shrimp (a fritter laced with pieces of shrimp and spices) and deep-fried grilled cheese (a crunchier mozzarella bite) were fantastic and had me reaching for more.

Early Mercy Toronto: Provisions popcorn shrimpEarly Mercy Toronto: Provisions deep fried grilled cheese

The venue is also available as an event space for corporate and social functions – the 3,500 square foot lounge area holding up to 400 and patio squeezing in another 150. As for the food, you’re welcomed to use one of Early Mercy’s preferred caterers or bring your own.  

Once Toronto enters into the summer months, I can’t wait to go back and check out their large street-side patio. People watching with a cold drink in hand sounds so enticing right now.

Early Mercy Toronto - patio

Early Mercy’s name stems from the establishment’s motto: sunrise forgives. With that in mind, listen to the word wall and “push your luck” and “try to forgive” when someone admits that they “crashed your party”. After all, who knows what exciting things will happen that night? Remember, if you make a fool of yourself and no one catches it on their phone, the sunrise does forgive.

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 540 King Street West

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