Let's Get Social Party at the Intercontinental Toronto

With its prime location along Front Street, the Intercontinental Toronto Centre has always played host to tons of corporate functions and events. The décor for these proceedings has just become more modern as the hotel redid their Ballroom to incorporate a steely grey palette highlighted with clean white and silver accents.

To showcase the new space, the Intercontinental threw a Let’s Get Social Party inviting Torontonians to experience the entire bottom level space including a cool minibus photo station, food stations, dessert buffet, candy bar and freshly made waffles!

To promote mingling eats were served through food stations, encouraging attendees to move throughout the room and strike up conversations with other guests at cocktail tables. One popular station was the seafood corner containing freshly shucked oysters and a large sushi spread.

With tons to sample, my favourites for the evening were the beef empanadas with a light cinnamon spice and beautifully crinkled edges as well as the juicy thick chicken breast sliders topped with tropical salsa.

The braised BBQ brisket perched on a disc of crumbly corn bread had to be the most artfully plated.

Yet, it was in the smaller area beside the Ballroom that I saw the most joy amongst the adults: oh the smiles as they laid eyes on the spread of cakes, tarts, macaroons and chocolates! Luckily, I snapped the picture upon arrival, as the dessert was thoroughly ransacked by the end of the evening with guests going back for seconds … and thirds.

For my husband, I left with a take-out carton from the candy bar. Although, I may have also filled it with peanut M&Ms and Fuzzy Peaches, two childhood favourites, for myself.

What a great idea to throw a full blown event to show off the newly renovated space. With the full set-up you really got a sense of what a great corporate celebration the space could accommodate – is it too early to start planning for the holidays?

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 225 Front Street West

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