Drums N Flats (Toronto)

It’s not until you visit Drums N Flats that you appreciate how their name is impeccably chosen: the restaurant’s theme focuses on music (during weekends they even feature live bands) and is known for their chicken wings. The concept of drums and flats can apply to both items.

Almost every table orders their chicken wings and it’s the first establishment I’ve visited that provides a choice of drums, flats, or a mixture. Aside from a host of seasoning options, if you like things really flavourful, for an extra $1 the wings are double dipped – tossed in sauce, BBQed again to finish off the cooking, and then tossed in another sauce to provide multiple flavour layers.

Having had the wings delivered and at the restaurant they are definitely better in person. For a single flavour the hot & honey ($14.99 for 1 pound) is a favourite, while for double dipped I enjoy the Honey Boo Boo combination ($15.99 for 1 pound), which starts with the honey garlic and then finishes with a mango jerk.

While I wouldn’t say these are the best chicken wings I’ve had in Toronto (I prefer larger ones), they do have a nice crispy exterior, the inside is relatively juicy, and the sauce is just enough without becoming too sticky. Plus, the buttermilk dill dressing is really tasty and for an additional $1 the tossed house side salad is great for balancing off the wing’s greasiness.

For a more sinful side, get the beefsteak onion rings ($8.99). They are a nice thick cut so you don’t feel like you’re just eating batter, and the coating is thick enough for crunch but not overpowering. Plus, they are tasty enough by itself that you don’t need any of the jerk mayonnaise.

If wings aren’t your thing, their burgers are pretty good. The kid rock ($12.99) tastes like a Big Mac (is it their secret special sauce?) crossed with a Whopper due to the lettuce, cheese, and pickles fixings. Personally, I’d order the Big Mick instead as the single patty is pretty thin so a double patty would hold up better against the soft bun.

During the summer their patio adjoining the bar is a great place to hang out. In the winter, it’s closed off with wood panelled walls to make the space resemble a retro basement … it’s cheeky and homey feeling, which matches Drums N Flats laid back vibe. It’s a bar that has a real neighbourhood feel: a place where people can chill, listen to music, and munch on tasty wings.

Overall mark - 7.5 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 1980 Avenue Road

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