Yummy Cantonese Restaurant 老西關腸粉 (Toronto)

It takes a lot for someone to stay in a restaurant when it’s freezing inside. During our lunch, when the weather outside was below thirty degrees Celsius, staff and customers alike remained in their jackets as Yummy Cantonese Restaurant’s heater was broken. Their dining room was still almost full at 11am and people were staying to eat in these chilly conditions! So, I re-zipped my jacket and remained seated as well.

Luckily, the congee really warms you up, and for their low price is one of the better bowls in the city. The congee base had a lovely smooth texture and the seasoning was spot on – flavourful enough without being overpowering. Sticking with my go-to preserved egg and pork version ($5) the pieces of egg were rather small, but made up by the big chunks of pork. Personally, I find the combination goes perfectly with fried dough fritters ($2), too bad these arrived after I was half done. Yummy Cantonese needs to ensure the sides arrive with the congee, since what’s the point of having the fritters when the congee is finished?

If you don’t mind having the fish’s skin left on, the sliced beef and fish congee ($5.50) incorporates fresh pieces of seafood (compared to the frozen variety found at other places). Ample ginger slivers are added to ensure there’s no fishiness in the broth. This is one bowl that has a lot of ingredients.

Despite the restaurant’s Chinese name, their rice noodle rolls are average. While they are better than what’s served at dim sum, the actual pastry is suitably thin, it just doesn’t incorporate enough filling. Perhaps it’s due to the vegetarian Taiwan bok choy and egg rice noodle roll ($4.50) we ordered, while the vegetable provided a nice crunch against the soft sheet, everything was just so tasteless. Luckily, each table contains an array of sauces and with a bit of sweet beany hoison and sprinkling of sesame seeds, the dish was better.

While eating in a parka is not the most comfortable act, the food arrived fairly quickly and in less than an hour we were warmed inside and full.  

Overall mark - 7.5 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 4400 Sheppard Avenue East

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