Fancy Chinese Cuisine 利嘉盛 for dinner (Markham)

It’s rare for a Chinese restaurant to be fully booked on weekends; yet, if you don’t make a reservation at Fancy Chinese Cuisine, chances are you’ll leave disappointed. Located in a plaza with an infuriatingly lack of parking, the restaurant’s décor has little pomp despite their name. While it’s not fancy, per say, the dining room is brightly lit, clean feeling, and comfortable. 

Their pick and choose set meals are popular, starting at $79.95 for Peking duck plus three other dishes to $109.95 for the premium choices (green bass, crab, and lobster) plus five other dishes. For our table of three, the lobster with three add-ons ($89.95) already yielded enough leftovers.

The star of the dinner was four pounds of lobster done old school: stir fried with ginger and onion. These aromatics tossed with crustacean is a perfect combination – enough to flavour the lobster without covering its natural sweetness. Chopped into large pieces, the lobster meat stayed juicy and succulent.

For larger tables, the stir-fried clams in black bean sauce is more of a nibble than something filling. At Fancy, theirs had plenty of wok hay and the black bean sauce’s saltiness was spot on. In fact, what impresses me most about the restaurant is how well dishes are seasoned, at least to my taste. As some Chinese restaurants tone down flavours in an effort to be “healthier” and senior-friendly, I just want one that fulfils the flavours of my youth.

While the fish in the stir-fried sole filet was a bit messy looking, it wasn’t overdone and the celery and snow peas the requisite crispiness.

The sole non-seafood dish of the meal was the sweet and sour chicken with pineapple. Truth be told, I prefer the moister chicken to pork, which sometimes can get chewy. Once again, the sweet and sour sauce was well balanced and had me reaching for just one more piece, despite being stuffed.

Complimentary soup (pork bone broth with carrots and white fungus) and dessert (sweet red bean soup and cookies) rounds out the meal. They’re your run-of-the-mill offerings done solidly.

If you’re in the market for reasonably priced authentic Cantonese fare, Fancy Chinese Cuisine fits the bill. Heed my advice and make a reservation for 6pm or earlier, otherwise you’ll be stuck circulating the parking lot (with little options for alternative spots) for the evening. And no, Fancy does not offer valet.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Markham, Canada
 Address: 7750 Kennedy Road

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