Tsujiri (Toronto)

Toronto’s affinity with Japanese restaurant brands continues. First there was ramen, followed by cheesecake, and in 2016 came ice cream and baked goods when 150+ year old Tsujiri opened. Since then, Tsujiri has expanded to various locations across the city, their menu focused on matcha or green tea. While customers can purchase the powder for tea, most visitors are there for their green hued desserts.

You can’t go wrong with the Tsujiri matcha sundae ($7.50), the creamy soft serve well flavoured with green tea and a hint of sweetness. Digging around the cup you’ll find a chewy glutinous rice ball, a soft braised chestnut, sweet red beans, and crunchy bits for contrast. It makes for interesting bites – having the ice cream by itself and then in combination with a host of other ingredients. The sakura short bread is lightly scented with cherry blossom, prettier to look at than eat.

For something lighter, the matcha daifuku ($5) is delicious. The thin coating of glutinous rice filled to the brim with green tea whipped cream. It’s a bit messy, but oh so good.

Who knew being good to the body can be so tasty? If I’m going to have ice cream, might as well get the antioxidants to combat aging as well!

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 4909 Yonge Street

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