Wong Ming Hee 黃明記粥粉麵家 (Hong Kong)

There’s something about the wonton noodles in Hong Kong that’s better than our options in Toronto. While stopping in Wong Ming Hee for lunch, their owner offered a hypothesis to my observation – they use fresh noodles made with eggs (rather than other binding agents) so they don’t have to add gan suy to them to give the noodles a springy consistency. That additive alters the taste of the delicate noodles.

Of course, she warned, this does mean their boiled seasonal vegetables, in this case Chinese broccoli ($16), isn’t as crisp. It’s true, but the sizeable portion makes up for it.

Wong Ming Hee’s brisket noodles in soup ($33) was delicious – the beef tender, well seeped with flavour, and incorporating an even marbling of fat. The broth arrives hot and just salty enough to pair with the aforementioned springy egg noodles.

It’s much better than the squid and fish balls noodles in soup ($33). The squid balls are floury while the fish ball’s consistency a bit to bouncy for my taste. They get better as I leave them in the broth, which isn’t as flavourful as the brisket; maybe they need to be cooked longer.

While Wong Ming Hee doesn’t grace any travel guide lists of must-try noodle places, I was more than happy with their brisket noodles and not having to wait, even during the lunch hour rush. They were also one of the friendliest casual dining places we visited, the owner even asking if we wanted an extra bowl of broth when she saw ours was half depleted. A great find for stopping at after a walk-through Kowloon Walled-City Park.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong
 Address: 80 Kai Tak Road

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