Café Landmark 香港開飯喇 (Hong Kong)

Rarely can one dine amongst names like Balenciaga, Dior, and Jimmy Cho in view. Pristine storefronts displaying items of opulence.  If that’s a dream, Café Landmark is suspended in the middle of the Landmark’s atrium; looking upon floors of luxury stores, an ideal spot for shopaholics.

If you’re about to blow thousands on a pair of stilettos, than one of Café Landmark’s breakfast sets will help pinch pennies and provide enough sustenance for the day. They’re a great deal with two “courses” as well as a choice of bread (one being a croissant), coffee or tea, and juice. I like that they even heat up the milk for your tea.

The Classic Hong Kong Set ($125) starts with scrambled eggs and ham. Perhaps it’s common in HK, but the eggs were extremely underdone, a creamy watery bite that’s off-putting for me. Shaking off the uncooked egg and sandwiching it in the hot croissant with ham made it bearable, even delicious. Most people go for the croissant. Yes, it’s a little dark looking, but hot from a warmer, it makes for a fragrant and flakey accompaniment.  

Soon after, the second course arrives – a generous portion of macaroni and BBQ pork in broth. While this may seem heavy for breakfast, a pasta with protein is a popular option in the city. Diners can choose from spaghetti or macaroni, paired with ham, beef, BBQ pork, or chicken. 

For me, the pork soup was a bit plain, as I looked longingly at the bowls filled with tomato and beef broth that regulars seemed to ask for instead. Nonetheless, it was hot, the BBQ pork plentiful (I had already gone through two slices before remembering to take a picture) and, most importantly, tasty once everything came together.

If you’re not afraid of sweating, their seafood congee ($90) arrives PIPING hot containing large pieces of shrimp, scallop, fish and shredded crab meat. It takes a while to get through as the bowl is also heated, causing it to retain its temperature throughout our 30 minute breakfast. The fried dough pieces were a tad greasy, but after being dunked into the congee for a while, it all melts away.

For both meals, I wanted to “eat local” with their Asian breakfasts. Café Landmark also offers a variety of Western-style options … the menu can take some time to get through. An omelet ($125) was also runny and forgettable, but their blueberry pancakes ($105) were decent. Although the batter could use more egg, the pancakes were very fluffy and the sauce an interesting combination of syrup and melted butter in one.

I swear it wasn’t the glittery stores that made me want to dine at Café Landmark two days in a row. Rather their Central location to transportation and comfortable surroundings at reasonable prices had us returning. I’m a girl that likes to eat: give me a croissant to a clutch, any day.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Central, Hong Kong
 Address: 15 Queen's Road (inside Landmark building)

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