Drake Devonshire for brunch (Prince Edward County)

Brunching in the County. The phrase brings to mind a carefree meal … one filled with nature, tranquillity, and of course, wine. It’s an unhurried affair, a meal shared amongst friends. In fact, to date, every trip to Prince Edward County has been with friends.

To prep ourselves for a day of drinking, our first stop was for sustenance at Drake Devonshire. Their menu contains many breakfast favourites – eggs, bacon, and benny. But, it was the semi-lunch options that called out to us. From the chicken and waffles ($21) that swap out the syrup for peaches and cream to the popular Drake burger ($23), which is transformed for breakfast by adding a fried egg with hollandaise and exchanging fries for hash.

Being a huge fan of Mexican breakfasts - I love the combination of hearty & fresh elements without the meat - I opted for the enfrijolada ($17). My first time having the dish, it reminds me of a breakfast quesadilla; the rice, avocado, queso fresco, and vegetables are tucked into a toasted tortilla. Over top was a sunny fried egg, contrasting against black re-fried beans on the bottom. While the dish hit the spot, it needed more seasoning and herbs. Since the table was salt less, I relied on vinegary hot sauce to help add flavour.

For “dessert”, one of their blueberry scones ($11) is a great idea. Not overly large, the warm four-bite pastry with crème fraiche and blueberry jam may give you that sweet ending you need.

Having visited the restaurant previously for dinner and leaving disappointed, it still seemed like an ideal place for a group of six, especially one with dietary restrictions. To our surprise, despite being a sizeable restaurant with Toronto outposts, they were unable to cater to a celiac diner. To make matters worse, Drake wouldn’t allow her to bring in a meal so she could dine with us, citing it would start a precedent. A precedent for what exactly… to be accommodating? Alas, still no warm County charm.

Overall mark - 6.5 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Wellington, Canada
 Address: 24 Wharf Street

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