CLOSED: The Lockhart (aka the Harry Potter inspired bar) (Toronto)

The Lockhart’s connection to Harry Potter has been blown out of proportion by the media … they are not a “Harry Potter bar”. Even the owners warn visitors they are merely a bar with elements inspired by JK Rowling’s famous story – a tribute or theme bar it’s not.

Sure, you’ll find Pop Toys of the characters amongst a lot of other references on the walls. The downstairs washroom area is decorated with beautiful murals, the staircase leading to the basement with pages from the book. Let’s just say you’ll be entertained if you’re waiting for a stall. Even some of the mixers pay homage to the books – a shot of marauder anyone?

Just don’t expect to see the movies playing (the only TV in the bar is actually a chalkboard) or even the movie scores to serenade you (there was an awesome 90s slow jams and R&B playlist).

Of course, it didn’t stop me from ordering the Betterbeer ($11.50), a drink that looks like a milkshake but tastes like a lightly creamed ginger beer. The cinnamon-infused toasted butter washed Sauza meant I couldn’t even taste the tequila... talk about being befuddled. Despite being creamy, the drink finishes light from the carbonated beer. I don’t get the significance of the toasted marshmallow, but it was delicious nevertheless.

Cocktails like the Botanist ($12) and Royal Tea ($10.75) are simply beautiful. While I normally love cucumber and floral based drinks, the Botanist was even too much for me. The Royal Tea is a mellower choice with no floral essence other than the sprig of Baby’s Breathe used for garnish. It reminded me of a spiked lemonade iced tea with the refreshing raspberry rooibos infused Absolut peach with lemon.

If you enjoy a savoury Ceasar ($12), you’re able to customize the spice level and I find it has a mellower finish. The generally overpowering Worcestershire is nicely restrained.

Their mixologists must be busy with potion's homework as The Lockhart also makes the syrups and infusions used within the cocktails. Creating so many of the inputs does mean their menu is condensed and carefully curated. It seems a trip to Hogsmeade is in order.   

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 1479 Dundas Street West

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