Succotash (Washington)

Washington may lie in the north east corner of the United States, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get soulful Southern food in DC. As you walk into Succotash, it doesn’t feel like you’re in the South. Open and airy, the building was home to a former bank and the ornate details still shine through. Perhaps the second floor balcony, ringed in a wrought iron divider, pays a bit of homage to New Orleans. If it weren’t so fancy, I’d almost expect people to pelt me with plastic beads

Then you take a bite of their smoked chicken wings ($11) and you’re hit with the flavours. Arriving fairly dark, due to the spice rub, it looks almost burnt but isn’t. The chicken is tender and there’s a nice crispy skin despite seemingly being roasted. Yet, it’s the flavours that impress the most. As Colonel Sanders says, it’s finger licking good.

Succotash also offers some interesting nibbles like the deviled eggs, ordered by the piece ($1.50). The snack starts off like any deviled egg, with creamy yolk piped into egg white. But, they you’re met with a refreshing green tomato relish in the cup between the two. Whose genius idea was that?

The hush puppies ($6) are a bit denser than I expected. But, the batter was flavoured nicely and more of the green tomato relish arrives on the side, making a great condiment for the warm savoury bites.

You may want to consider sharing the chicken and waffles ($23), which arrives four pieces to an order. While the portion size is certainly impressive, the dish itself contained good and bad elements: The chicken had a lovely crispy coating and was fairly moist, but the thigh pieces were over floured leaving soggy parts and the batter could use more flavour. Luckily, we thought to ask for hot sauce.

The dish’s condiments were also a hit or miss. While the pickled okra, something I didn’t think I’d like, turned out surprisingly delicious, the waffles were too dense and mushy. I also could have done without the sprinkling of aged manchego over the chicken, it really detracted from the bourbon infused maple syrup.

Nothing quite shouts out being in the south than a side order of bacon mac ‘n’ cheese ($10). Succotash’s version is bang on in terms of flavours and the pasta isn’t overcooked. Sure, the side is decadent, but it’s not overly oily so doesn’t leave you too glutinous feeling.

You really can find a diverse mix of cuisine in the nation’s capital. At Succotash, you get a great taste of Southern food. 

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Washington, USA
 Address: 915 F St NW

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