Bistro Mirepoix (St. Catherines)

How sweet it is to be able to dine at a restaurant again – not takeout or delivery, but really sit there and enjoy the whole experience of being at somewhere else. My last experience was back in the fall of 2020, bundled up outside desperately getting in a last meal before the winter began. So, I was practically like a giddy child as I settled into a sectioned off table at Bistro Mirepoix. OMG is that a menu? I get to have a conversation over coffee before the meal arrives. Is this real?!

Go big or go home with this first taste of freedom. The pork belly and brie eggs benedict ($20) beckoned, not merely because of the decadence of the dish, but it being something so intricate that I’d never make myself. Despite all this quarantine cooking, I’m not about to start smoking pork belly, whipping up hollandaise sauce, or even attempt to poach eggs. All this I’ll leave to the professionals.

That first bite was just heavenly. The thick slab of pork belly nicely rendered that I could even overlook it was a bit too sweet for my taste. Despite having a golden caramelized crust, it was surprisingly soft and melded into molten egg yolks so nicely. With all the creamy elements, if that slice of sourdough bread lining the plate was toasted more to add a crunchy complement, the dish would be perfect.

I dove into the plate with gusto, dipping the hot roasted fingerling potatoes into egg yolk. How can I make this hour sitting limit last? Try as I might, I couldn’t finish all the starches. This benny is a hearty dish that leaves you full all day.

Thankfully, I had the sense to get a side of greens ($5), the balsamic tossed spring mix really helps cut the fattiness of the pork belly. Without it, the decadence may be overwhelming.

Just one dish will provide enough sustenance for the day, which is perfect for a day out in wine country. Take the classic breakfast ($22) – there’s a big hunk of pork belly, a sizeable sausage patty and baked beans as well. A big breakfast to soak up all the tipples of a wine-fueled day. The restaurant’s proximity to Jordan station and Niagara-on-the-Lake certainly makes it an easy stopping point.

This one meal at Bristro Miropoix felt like a spring awakening – there is a bright future to more dine-in experiences to come. Let the beautiful brunch blooms begin!

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: St. Catherines, Canada
 Address: 64 Court Street

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