Relish Kitchen & Market (Gravenhurst)

Having a healthy quick meal in Gravenhurst isn’t always the easiest. There are tons of fast-food establishments, but getting something fresh often means going into a restaurant, a bust when you don’t have the time. Relish Kitchen & Market is an exception, a place where you can visit for takeout or fast casual dine-in that provides food that hasn’t been dipped in a deep fryer.

The Mexican chicken bowl ($17) combines fresh vegetables and hearty proteins. Warm pulled chicken is hit with a bit of chili spice for flavour and braised until tender. It goes nicely with the caramelized peppers and onions that along with the zesty salsa and guacamole create softer elements in the bowl. Crispy red cabbage, shredded carrots, and sprouts add fresh elements to the bowl. And to ensure you’re not hungry in an hour, there’s also brown rice and black beans for sustenance. Yet, what makes the bowl great is the chipotle sauce that I doused onto everything, giving the individual ingredients flavour without being overly salty.

A similar base of chicken, peppers, and onions is used in the chicken quesadilla ($18), along with plenty of gooey cheese of course. I liked that it’s well toasted for crunch, especially against the cool smooth condiments. The quesadilla is shareable as the order arrives with three thick slices and makes for a hefty meal for one.

While Relish may not churn out food as quickly as the McDonalds or Tim Horton’s down Muskoka Road, you will be greeted with a warm café atmosphere and fresh dishes that are worth the wait. So next time you’re in Gravenhurst, get out of the drive through and walk into a place where you’ll be nourished with vitamins and nutrients. 

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Gravenhurst, Canada
 Address: 240 Muskoka Road North

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