How This All Started

While on my honeymoon, I had one of the best meals of my life. Knowing I'd be asked about it and realizing that I'd want to provide every delicious detail to my friends and family, Gastro World was born! This blog chronicles my culinary adventures starting from October 2012 onwards.

I'm a regular person and have a corporate career in my day-to-day life. Although it's not what I'd want to do with my life, the job does allow me to afford these decadent meals. Since I have limited vacation time, the majority of the posts will consist of reviews from the Greater Toronto area. But, when I go on vacation, rest assured these gastronomical experiences will be shared with you!

Since 2012, I've started taking my own photographs (you'll notice earlier posts use cited sources), the look has been revamped, it now has its own domain name ( and fellow blogger #Parv made me an amazing logo. 

Gastro World has grown from a small hobby to a passion, one that I hope to continue for a lifetime and share with those who love food as much as I do.