Michelin Starred

The restaurants below have also been rated by Michelin.  The *s beside the restaurant denotes the number of Michelin stars awarded to the restaurant as at the time of my visit.  I have not attempted to readjust star ratings after my visit. Meanwhile, the number beside the link is my mark out of 10.


Alo* 9

Please refer to this separate page for reviews of restaurants prior to their award status.


Geranium** (Copenhagen) 7.5


Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester*** (London, England) 8
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay*** (London, England) 7
Martin Wishart* (Edinburgh, Scotland) 7.5
Lasarte Restaurant** (Barcelona, Spain) 9.5
Facil** (Berlin, Germany) 9
Se7en Oceans* (Hamburg, Germany) 7

Hong Kong

T’ang Court*** 唐閣 (Tsim Sha Tsui) 8
Tim Ho Wan* 添好運點心專門店 (North Point) 9
Qi - House of Sichuan* 呇 (Wan Chai) 7.5
Yat Lok* (Central) 7.5


Collage* (Tokyo) 7.5
Hishinuma** 日本料理 菱沼 (Tokyo) 8
Sukyabashi Jiro Roppingi 銀座 すきやばし次郎** (Tokyo) 9.5


Alinea*** (Chicago) 9
Eleven Madison Park*** (New York) 8.5
Junoon* (New York) 8
Kinship* (Washington DC) 7
The French Laundry*** (Yountville) 7