Michelin Starred

The restaurants below have also been rated by Michelin.  The *s beside the restaurant denotes the number of Michelin stars awarded to the restaurant as at the time of my visit.  I have not attempted to readjust star ratings after my visit. Meanwhile, the number beside the link is my mark out of 10.


Please refer to this separate page for reviews of restaurants prior to their award status.


Geranium** (Copenhagen) 7.5


Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester*** (London, England) 8
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay*** (London, England) 7
Martin Wishart* (Edinburgh, Scotland) 7.5
Lasarte Restaurant** (Barcelona, Spain) 9.5
Facil** (Berlin, Germany) 9
Se7en Oceans* (Hamburg, Germany) 7

Hong Kong

T’ang Court*** 唐閣 (Tsim Sha Tsui) 8
Tim Ho Wan* 添好運點心專門店 (North Point) 9
Qi - House of Sichuan* 呇 (Wan Chai) 7.5
Yat Lok* (Central) 7.5


Collage* (Tokyo) 7.5
Hishinuma** 日本料理 菱沼 (Tokyo) 8
Sukyabashi Jiro Roppingi 銀座 すきやばし次郎** (Tokyo) 9.5


Alinea*** (Chicago) 9
Eleven Madison Park*** (New York) 8.5
Junoon* (New York) 8
Kinship* (Washington DC) 7
The French Laundry*** (Yountville) 7