My Journey to Developing a Career with Food

If you’re expecting a restaurant review, stop reading right now and look for something else from the navigational menu. May I suggest visiting the Top Picks section that highlights my favourite meals? 

This section is dedicated to my personal blog, a mechanism of sharing my desires and frustrations to developing a career that encompasses food. “Why?” you may ask. Because, IT'S TIME and writing out goals and telling people about them holds me accountable to working towards them.

Only time will tell the duration of this journey and if it’ll be successful. But, feeling discouraged and to not try is even worse. Likely most won’t even care about this journey. But, if you do, get ready for joys, fears and tears as the path is fairly unclear to me right now.

I’d love to hear from you, whether its words of encouragement, to provide advice, offer help or even to be a devil’s advocate. Unfortunately, with this new template my Comments widget no longer functions properly. So, please email me at or use another method in the Contact Me section instead.