Simply Snacking

Snacking is great! It goes so well with tv watching and is the faithful friend that can sustain your energy between meals. They are the little treats that visitors enjoy and sometimes get a bad rep for being sinfully unhealthy. Regardless, I love them and want to share my favourites with you. Here are my top sweet and savoury snack choices.

The snacks have been categorized based on based on taste, but I've included some symbols beside each for further classification:
  • GF = gluten free
  • V = vegan
  • O = organic
Click on the titles to find a more detailed post on each. Happy snacking!
Some Like it Savoury

 Three Farmer's Roasted Chickpeas
A crunchy protein and fibre rich snack that supplements my chip cravings.

 Neal Brother's Extremely Tasty Tortilla Chips
A chip that can hold up to dips but still give a satisfying non-oily crunch.

 Brussel Bytes ( O, GF, V )

 Brussel Bytes
Roasted brussel sprouts mixed with kale and other goodies. Tons of crunch and flavour.

 Brussel Bytes
Thin crispy delights in chip flavours without the fat.

 Trader Joe's Giant Peruvian Inca Corn
The salty crunch of the corn without the risk of breaking your teeth.

 Espuna Tapas Essentials
Finally, the Spanish line of charcuterie and heat-and-serve tapas has arrived in Canada!

More coming soon!

Oh So Sweet

 Purdys' Hedgehogs
For the truffle lovers with a creamy gianduja filling in a cute character casing.

 Marvellous Creations jelly popping candy
A chocolate bar that's a surprise for your mouth: Crunchy, chewy or explosions... what will you get?

 Toronto Popcorn Company's Tuxedo Popcorn
Freshly made caramel popcorn with THREE chocolates? Yes please!

 Nature's Path Love Crunch and Qi'a Superfood Snack Bar
Sometimes all you need is some peanut and chocolate to satisfy the Sweet Tooth

More coming soon!

Somewhere In Between

 Prana Machu Pichu Mix
An exotic mix of fruit and nuts that has introduced me to the white mulberry.

 Taste of Nature Food Bars ( O , GF, V (some) )

 Taste of Nature
A fresh cold-pressed product with whole nuts and juice sweetened fruit.

 Mystic Mango Lemonade
A light sparkling tropical drink, like a refined soda for adults.

 Prana's Coconut Chips ( O , V , GF)

 Prana's Coconut Chips
Coconut chips with a savoury flavour: salt & pepper, BBQ and spicy chili

 Mediterra Bars
Food bars that are savoury or sweet, depending on your preference.

More coming soon!