Tasting Menus

Whether you call it a tasting menu, chef's choice, set menus or omakase the thought is all the same - leave your taste buds in the mercy of the restaurant.  Be prepared for delights (and sometimes disappointments); love it or hate it they're a foodie's adventure. The number beside the link is my mark out of 10.


20 Victoria (Toronto) 9
Actinolite (Toronto) 8.5
Alo (Toronto) 9
Avelo (Toronto) 5 
Canoe (Toronto) 7.5
DaNico (Toronto) 8
Don Alfonso 1890 (Toronto) 8.5
Edulis (Toronto) 9.5
Enigma (Toronto) 8
Frilu (Thornhill) 7
Hexagon (Oakville) 9
Le Petit Chef (Richmond Hill) 7
MSSM (Toronto) 9.5
Richmond Station (Toronto) 8
Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya (Toronto) 8
Solo Sushi Ya (Newmarket) 8
Shoushin (Toronto) 9 
Shunoko (Toronto) 9
Sushi Masaki Saito (Toronto) 8
Sushi Yugen (Toronto) 10
The Carbon Bar Experience (Toronto) 7
Toshi Ryoriten (Richmond Hill) 8
Yasu (Toronto) 10
Yukashi Japanese Cuisine (Toronto) 8
Yuzu No Hana (Toronto) 9


Geranium (Copenhagen) 7.5


Lasarte Restaurant (Barcelona) 9.5
Se7en Oceans (Hamburg) 7


(Tokyo) 7.5
Hishinuma 日本料理 菱沼 (Tokyo) 8
Kushinobo 串の坊 (Tokyo) 7
Minami Aoyama Toshio 南青山 とし緒 (Tokyo) 6.5
Sukyabashi Jiro Roppingi 銀座 すきやばし次郎 (Tokyo) 9.5
Ten-ichi 天一 (Kyoto) 8


Alinea (Chicago) 9
Eleven Madison Park (New York) 8.5
The French Laundry (Yountville) 7