Work With Me

As noted in Gastro World's mission, this blog aims to help foodies and restaurants alike. Entrepreneurship runs in my family's blood so I have the utmost respect for business owners and the challenges they go through. 

If you're a restaurant or sell a food product or service, I'd love to work with you. Contact me at and I'll provide more information and we can discuss your needs. 

Acting As An Taste Advisor

In my day-to-day career I work in roles that are of an advisory nature. Sure, the focus is predominantly financial, but the skill of gathering and analyzing data, forming recommendations and communicating these thoughts to stakeholders is universal. 

Through this blog, you can see what and where I've eaten since October 2012. Geographies I visited prior to October 2012 that haven't been written about include New York, San Francisco, Ottawa, Montreal, the Maritimes, Thailand, Italy, France and Hong Kong. 

As a child, due to my father's business, I dined in restaurants five days a week. So, although I don't have a culinary degree, I've eaten A LOT and paired with my analytical nature have developed an understanding of what makes dishes stand out and disappoint. 

Let me bring this experience and passion for food to your restaurant or food product/service.

Additional Opportunities

Some of the items below have a fee but others are complimentary in nature. Please contact me and we can see what makes sense.

  • Sponsored posts for food products and services
  • Running a contest on your company's behalf 
  • Becoming a sponsor of Gastro World
  • Secret diner services
I'm opened to other requests, please get in touch and we can see what you have in mind.