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Good Catch Boil House (Markham)

Compared to the first Louisiana boil chain that opened in Toronto, Good Catch Boil House is practically palatial. The high ceilings, modern décor and ample room makes it a place you can actually go and hang out at. Sports fans will love the restaurant since there’s plenty of television screens – who doesn’t want to suck back seafood while watching basketball?

Sticking with only one Louisiana boil-type dish, we decided on the snow crab legs ($18.95 a pound) with corn ($1 for two small pieces) thrown in to nibble on. Generally, the signature blend of flavouring is a good choice as the restaurant mixes a few sauces into one. At Good Catch, theirs also incorporates curry … tasty if you like it, but doesn’t really sing ‘boil’ to me. Although, I did use the sauce for dipping soft garlic bread ($3.95) into. Note to self: next time stick with the Cajun blend.

Nonetheless, the medium spicy level was the perfect amount of heat and the crab was prepared nicely. I was surprised by how quickly it arrived (less than ten minutes after ordering) and soon I was digging into succulent crab legs and juicy ears of corn.

For those who don’t like the messy and time consuming act of nibbling through savoury pieces of seafood, Good Catch also has an abundant variety of non-boil dishes. With a raw bar, where oysters are shucked to order, the fried oyster basket ($14.95) seemed like a safe choice. Indeed, we were treated to two-bite nuggets of plump, clean tasting mollusks … I don’t normally even like oysters and I couldn’t help reaching for a few more.

Thanks to Parv for a non-blurry version of the fried oysters
For a more complete meal, the hot lobster roll ($22.95) is a good choice. Aside from the Cajun fries, it also arrives with a simple green salad and lovely oniony coleslaw. Good for sharing or a meal for one.

Had the lobster roll been the first thing consumed, I would have thought it was delicious: there weren’t stingy with the lobster, it was lightly tossed in butter, the sprinkling of Cajun season a nice touch, and the roll freshly toasted.

However, since it was served after the intensely salty snow crab boil and oily crispy oysters, the lobster roll seemed bland in comparison. If people are sharing, Good Catch should consider serving all the ‘regular’ meals first and then end off with the powerful boil dishes. Firstly, the customer’s taste buds aren’t already inundated by the flavourful sauces, but also ensures fried items don’t sit around and get soggy and cold (after all, getting through a pound of crab legs takes time and who wants to keep taking those sticky gloves on and off)?

Aside from the comfortable bar like interior, I can happily and proudly report that they offer cutlery. For so long, the disposal nature of eating at competitors made me leave feeling guilty and resentful. Real plates, metal utensils, and an actual water glass – our environment thanks you Good Catch Boil House.

Overall mark - 8.5 out of 10
Disclaimer: The above meal was complimentary. Rest assured, as noted in my mission statement, I will always provide an honest opinion.

How To Find Them
 Location: Markham, Canada
 Address: 179 Enterprise Blvd

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