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Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog (New York)

Despite looking like you’ve stepped back in time with every square inch of the Dead Rabbit’s wooden rafters plastered with black and white photographs and sawdust on the floor, the bar actually opened in 2013. It was this rustic “taproom” on the main floor that we spent our entire visit (a sawdust free cocktail parlour is located on the second floor), with so many things catching our attention: the extensive Irish whiskey collection, Dead Rabbit memorabilia hung on the wall, and even hand-drawn cartoons by the register.

The bar is named after the famous Irish gang in New York from the 1850s; thankfully, in modern days, there’s no weapons or dead animals in sight. What they do have (and you have to taste) is an out-of-this-world Irish coffee ($12). The whipped cream melts against the hot coffee to create a cold thick foam at the top, once you get through this cool layer you’re greeted with a warm coffee that’s thoroughly spiked with Clontarf whiskey and just enough demerara syrup to keep it sweet. Whether used to greet the morning or bid adieu before bed, it’s equally fitting.

Not all their cocktails are whiskey based, the perfect lady royal ($15) uses lemon vodka and is a perfect match for brunch as it’s almost like a peach Bellini mimosa. With the sparkle from the Prosecco, hint of refreshing mint, and light undertone of florally jasmine, it’s an easy sipping cocktail. 

Of course Dead Rabbit also has plenty of beers on tap from the traditional Guinness ($8) to their signature Dead Rabbit cask ($8), which go wonderfully with the corned beef sandwich ($18). The thin crunchy bread can barely contain the hefty portion of warm meat, which is brined but not overly salty. It’s topped with melted gruyere and a mustardy creamy coleslaw that provides a lovely hint of pickledness against the corned beef. The hot fries were equally delicious to munch on … meat and potatoes, the perfect Irish meal.

Sadly, the corned beef sandwich was all we could manage having had pizza an hour earlier. Who would have known that the 2017 World’s Best Bar winner would not only make amazing drinks but delicious food as well? Do yourself a favour and head to the Dead Rabbit earlier for brunch, you’ll be satisfied with their food and it’s your best chance to score a seat (by 3pm the place was packed). Don’t worry, there won’t be any Irish militia gangs on site, but you’ll likely still need to battle with the mob of thirsty tourists and traders.

How To Find Them
 Location: New York, USA
 Address: 30 Water Street

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