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Mitaseimenjo 三田製麺所 (Tokyo)

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Address: 3-11-5 Roppongi, Minato
Type of Meal: Dinner

Whether you visit for an inexpensive lunch/dinner or like Tokyoites stop by after a night of drinking, Mitaseimenjo offers the unique tsukemen (dipping noodles) that I haven’t found anywhere else.

The menu is simple with one type of noodle in small, medium, large or extra-large (small to large are all ¥700 while extra-large is ¥800).  For the soup base you can make it spicy by adding another ¥50.

During my visit I went with the medium spicy (¥750). Not realizing that the dipping sauce already had ingredients inside, I also ordered the “Mita’s special combination” (¥300) that consists of a slice of roast pork, a soft boiled egg, boiled bamboo shoots and two pieces of nori. In reality, you don’t need the combination as within the soup are already diced pieces of tender pork, bamboo shoots and a piece of nori.  In fact, I found the pork in the noodles tastier having been braised in the flavourful sauce for hours.

Eating it is simple, take a bit of the hot chewy noodles (you can also ask for them cold) and dip it into the curry and gravy mixture. The thick sauce sticks onto the springy noodles so each bite is perfectly flavoured. The texture of the noodles is exactly to my liking – freshly made so it’s soft but cooked quickly so it still has a supple bite to it. I’d say its consistency is a blend between an udon and ramen (similar to hand pulled noodles) and the thickness of North American udon.      

My husband and I also shared an order of gyozas (¥300). They were you average run on the mill pot stickers … cooked from frozen so wasn’t anything spectacular.  The noodles are definitely the highlight and even the medium size was so large I couldn’t finish it.

Although we visited the Roppongi location, Mitaseimenjo is a chain throughout Japan so there are lots of opportunities to stop by. Hopefully, they will open a Toronto location soon and I’m sure there will be long lineups if it ever happens.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

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