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Embassy Restaurant / Samosa King (Toronto)

When I need snacks for a house party or an appetizer for a potluck, samosas from Embassy Restaurant (also known as Samosa King) is a go-to choice for me. They're a bargain at five for $1 for the vegetarian ones and two for $1 for chicken. Personally, I like the vegetarian ones best. They are packed with curried cubes of potatoes, some peas and then encapsulated in a thin enough wrapper. Plus they're always fresh as Embassy churns through hundreds of them in an hour.

You need to get the sauces to go with the samosas as they complete the dish. The red tamarind chutney ($1 for a large container) is sweet with a hint of sour; great for cooling down the heat of the samosas if you're not into spicy foods. But, if you're like me and enjoy the heat, the spicy neon green cilantro with chillies sauce ($2 for a large container) is the way to go.

Of course, Embassy offers other good eats as well. They have a full sit down restaurant, but the equally large take-out area is popular with various curries under $10 and even $2.49 specials on weekdays.

As I waiting for my samosas I couldn't help but marvel over all the things they offered such as:

Roasted chicken, wraps and tons of curries.

Doughy fried delights

Cases upon cases of sweets

Some things to snack on

And the appetizer/sides like rotis and spring rolls

So, if you ever want to please the crowds head to Embassy. Every party/potluck I've served the samosas at have always been a hit. Just be prepared to wait as Embassy is a popular destination. There is often a line-up but it moves at a consistent speed. On weekends I've generally waited 10 minutes but on New Years Eve when the queue curved around the door it sneaked up to 30 minutes. Just keep calm and entertain yourself because these tennis ball nuggets of fried goodness are worth it.

How To Find Them

Location: Toronto, Canada
Address: 5210 French Avenue East

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