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Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Bevy 009 Event

Location: The Jam Factory Co.
Address: 2 Matilda Street

Over the last year I’ve been trying to acquire the taste for beer. Indeed, a trip to London helped spur the desire where pubs are plentiful and ordering wine when everyone is enjoying a pint seems wrong. So, when I heard about the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies (“SOBDL”) and their craft beer events (held the last Friday of every month), I rounded up a group of like-minded girlfriends to try it.

Tickets are sold online for $20 and includes one drink and a “hangover” kit upon leaving (essentially a mishmash of food items but no painkillers). Additional beers can be purchased for $6 (cash only) on location.

Attending their Bevy 0009 event, I was intrigued by the diverse group of women who were in attendance. You can visit their site to see more pictures, but there were individuals from different age groups, dressed in whatever made them comfortable and generally just enjoying music, conversation and of course beer.

At each event, SOBDL offers a selection craft beers and at Bevy 0009 also had a special “Bevy Brew”. The Sawdust City Brewing Company made an exclusive brew for the event, a vanilla rooibos stout that was delicious. It smelled great and tasted even better – the vanilla and tea flavours shone through. It’s a heavier beer, so you likely wouldn’t want pints of it, but a small cup as a dessert drink would be amazing.

I also tried the Mill Street Brewery’s Frambozen, which is a great summery drink served ice cold and had a light raspberry flavour, without being overly sweet like Fruli. The Great Lakes Brewery’s pumpkin ale would be ideal for Thanksgiving with the pumpkin aroma coming through more than the taste. Only the Long Slice Brewery’s Hopsta La Vista was the miss for me given the excessive bitterness of it.

Overall, the event did open my eyes to the different flavours available with Canadian beers. If only the event was more professionally run, I would consider returning in the future. Unfortunately, the haphazard logistics made the Type A personality in me cringe – taps that refused to work leading to excessively long line-ups. Also, I didn’t like the fact that not all brews were offered at once – the second batches only start once the first ones are depleted.  Unfortunately, with the slow service this meant after two hours we still couldn’t try the other flavours and decided to leave.

But, I guess the SOBDL events do draw a certain personality, despite the diverse women in attendance. You’ll need to be patient, laid-back and flexible with only drinking what’s working. So, if you meet these criteria, you may consider attending a future Bevy and expanding your beer sipping taste buds.

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