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Big Fishermen (New Orleans)

Location: New Orleans, USA
Address: 3301 Magazine Street

The Big Fishermen isn't a restaurant, but plenty of hungry people visit for their take-out area. Here, they offer a variety of hot boiled seafood at affordable prices. We swung by to pick up a pound of large sized crawfish (approximately a dozen) and four pieces of corn all for only $8!

The crawfish were fresh and succulent. Following recommendations from New Orlean natives, I made sure to suck out all the "juices" in the head – a broth of wonderful umami filled essence. You may be squeamish at first but the taste of the salty seafood concentrated juices is well worth taking the plunge. Even the corn was well seasoned from being boiled with seafood and seasonings with a real spicy kick to it.

Of course, the only drawback was that the Big Fishermen had no dining area. Some people travel by bike to nearby parks. We walked about a block and found a grassy area with some rocks that would have to serve us our table. After all, we just wanted to eat the crawfish while they were still hot! But, the experience was a tad messy, thankfully we had Purell, water and plenty of napkins. The crawfish were absolutely delicious, if only they were enjoyed in the comfort of a table with a cold drink the experience would have been perfect.

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  1. Special thank you to my friend Jill for the picture!