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Benny's Barbeque (Toronto)

Benny’s barbecue is surprisingly spacious. Occupying the space of the former Alleycatz, a popular live music and restaurant destination, allows them to have a fair number of picnic tables inside and on the screened in patio. I’d imagine that even on weekends, diners should be able to score a spot with a short wait. Luckily, during my Friday lunch visit, there were plenty of tables available.

What has me salivating every time I think of Benny’s is their St. Louis style side ribs ($12 for ½lb pictured). They are some of the best ribs I’ve ever eaten, the barque wonderfully caramelized containing a hint of sweetness and a bit of spice that lingers. It’s so flavourful that no sauce was required, just bites of the tender pork and its juices was enough for me. They’re so good that a pound to myself is what I’ll need next visit.

Everyone raves about their brisket ($19 for ½lb pictured) and I can see why it’s such a hit. The amount of juice that comes out of each slice is incredible. Maybe it’s the cut we received, but there was a sliver of fat running through the centre that kept it moist to the final bites. I did find the brisket’s rub a tad strong – overly salty and heavy handed on the pepper – but this does help ensure the entire brisket is flavourful. Next time I’ll wipe off some of the rub prior to digging in for the first bite.

The smoked chicken wings ($15 for 1lb) are a Friday special and after two flavourful meats, these still impressed. A fair size, the wings were tender with a light smokiness. These babies were perfect for dunking into Benny’s barbeque sauce, which has a tangy mild sweetness.

Our order arrived with pickled cucumber and onions that were great for cutting through the greasiness of the meat as well as two thin slices of white bread that soaked up the leftover rib and brisket juices. Who would have thought good to the last drop is a slogan that works for barbecue as well?

Despite my fill of meat, the banoffee pudding ($8.50) sounded intriguing – a banana pudding with a toffee glaze. While I found the top portion of the dessert slightly gritty, the bottom was creamy and contained chunks of soft wafer. The bananas could be sliced thinner, or the thicker slices halved, so that there’s a more even distribution of bananas against the custard. Yet, the toffee sauce was fire, thick and perfectly flavoured.

And in case you’re wondering, there really is a Benny - Benny Slan to be exact. What started as a backyard operation and delivering direct to customers during COVID has settled as the current brick-and-mortar location on Yonge. He starts with high quality products, cooks it low-and-slow, and ensures it’s fresh – you won’t find leftovers so arrive early if want to avoid a stock out. Make sure to go early enough to get those side ribs, to not have one of these would be a crime. 

Overall mark - 9 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 2409 Yonge Street

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