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CLOSED: La Luna (Barcelona)

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Address: C/Abaixadores 10

We just happened to find La Luna while wandering around the Barri Gothic district in Barcelona before dinner.  

The ambiance matched the gothic neighbourhood; La Luna's interior reminds you of a Medieval castle with exposed brick arches, wrought-iron lamps and warm wood furniture.  

The bartender was kind enough to warn us, before we ordered anything, that the electric system was going to be reset and they'd be without power for 10 minutes.  We decided to stay anyways and he lit some candles for us.  It made us think how Medieval bars would have been like - drinks by candlelight.

We only had drinks here:
  • My husband picking through a selection of European beers
  • Me a glass of sangria which was much better than the glass I had earlier that evening.  The sangria was filled with fresh chopped fruits and followed a more authentic receipe - not overly sweet and much stronger 
Very affordable and great atmosphere; we had 3 drinks for 11€.