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The Biryani Walla (Toronto)

Aside from soupy noodles, one of my favourite foods is a bowl of infused rice. Once grains are cooked with spices and stock, it absorbs so many flavours and creates a wonderful comforting bite. It’s a dish that's universally loved: paella, casserole pot rice, risotto, dirty rice, jambalaya, and of course the Indian biryani… just to name a few.

Enter the Biryani Walla, which offers a selection of biryani that's dizzying – meat or vegetarian, bone-in or boneless – you’ll want to try them all. Settling on the boneless mutton biryani ($16.49) our table was impressed. The grains of basmati were distinct, infused with a pop of flavour, and permeates a spicy heat that’s enough to make your tongue tingle.

It’s served with two sauces: salan (a curry sauce that adds a wetness to the rice) and raita (a cooling yoghurt to help balance the spiciness). I used a bit of both and had the rice plain, no matter the combination it was delicious. The mutton was tender and not gamey, with enough chunks throughout to accompany every bowl. While the menu notes it’s a portion for one person, it’s so big that you can share amongst two.

The wet chicken 65 ($14.99) isn’t really that “wet”, despite the menu description. Each nugget was a cacophony of tastes and reminded me of a lighter Manchurian chicken with pronounced curry flavours. Sadly, the chicken was a little dry and could have benefited from more sauce.

In fact, the chef seems to overcook chicken. The malai tikka chicken kabob ($14.99) was tough even though the meat wasn’t overly grilled/baked. There also wasn’t much seasoning so it relied heavily on mint chutney for flavour. While I love the chutney (have some with the biryani), the chicken needs marinade. 

The Biryani Walla wasn’t overly busy even during a Sunday lunch. Most customers opted for takeout, which is a shame because the dishes really benefit from being eaten fresh and hot. Consequently, service was attentive and efficient, our server taking the time to explain each dish. Just ensure you bring cash for gratuities as sadly anything given through the machine may not make it into the employees’ hands. Boo, to you, Biryani Walla owners.

Still, I’ll be returning to make my way through the 50 varieties of biryani offered at the restaurant. There are just days when all I crave is a big bowl of fragrant delicious rice. 

In a nutshell... 
  • Must order: biryani
  • Just skip: malai tikka chicken kabob

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 3241 Yonge Street

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