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Harvest Wagon has expanded!

Rosedale inhabitants are likely familiar with Harvest Wagon, a high-end grocery boutique offering more than just groceries – think natural home essentials, floral arrangements, and plants. Started 40 years ago as a fruit and vegetable store, it expanded its footprint twice more into groceries and home essentials, and most recently in 2017 enlarged the store to include a prepared food section. It went from a quaint 900 square feet establishment to the current 5,000 square feet space.

Located in the back, there were tons of tantalizing items in the display cases of the prepared food items. The towering lasagna with ultra-thin noodles were begging to be re-heated, various vibrant salads, and tons of barbequed items … prime-rib anyone?

Yet, in speaking with the chef, it’s their sizeable grilled prawns that are their best sellers. Plump and sweet, I can see why they’re popular - the fire grilled version has a citrusy zip within the caper marinade. These would go nicely with some of their pastas like the cheesy penne or slightly spicy orecchiette.

For those who just want to grab something quickly, the array of jarred soups and sauces, dips, and huge pot pies would make a great homey winter’s meal.

While wandering around the store, the cheese display was equally tantalizing with a selection from around the world. I wouldn’t know whether I’d want a sweet or savoury ending given their bakery selection was enticing as well. The bakery contained an amazing selection of specialty cakes (including a gorgeous profiterole one) and even gooey looking butter tarts.

True to their roots, Harvest Wagon still has a huge selection of pristine produce - wow were the berries sweet and juicy! Surely, the vibrant colours of the vegetable display could keep you entranced for a while. After all, it was the fruits and vegetables that started it all. Happy 40th!

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 1103 Yonge Street 

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