Cambridge Mill (Cambridge)

Location: Cambridge, Canada
Address: 110 Water street North
Type of Meal: Lunch

After a multi-million dollar renovation, the Cambridge Mill is a breath taking venue of stone and floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of the Grand River and the quaint town.  Consisting of four floors, a patio and a separate special events addition, Cambridge Mill can also accommodate a lot of people. 
Cambridge Mill
During our visit, we sat in the main restaurant on the second floor in the solarium overlooking the river.  The dining room doesn’t disappoint with neutral stone and wood décor, crisp white linens and plush comfortable chairs.  Here we sat and enjoyed a lovely weekend lunch.

Right after ordering, a basket of warm olive bread and French baguette was brought to the table with whipped butter topped with sea salt.  We ate this with an order of the warm olive selection ($7).  Even for someone who doesn’t like olives, I enjoyed the hot olive medley of caraffa, infornate, geata, abrbequina and cerignola olives in warm oil.  They had just the right amount of salty brine and were not over powering; a great start to nibble on with the warm bread and crisp wine.

We also shared an order of pork belly poutine ($11).  Served in a hot skillet, it helped ensure all the cheese curds were melted and each fry topped with stringy gooey cheese.  Rather than use the typical poutine sauce or gravy, Cambridge Mill tops their poutine with a jus and Hollandaise mixture, which is a thinner glaze of savoury sauce with just a hint of sweetness.  Without a doubt, the chunks of pork belly were the highlight – well rendered yet maintained its moist and tender texture.

As you walk through Cambridge Mill’s entrance, on the left side is a clear glass that provides patrons with a view of the inside of their pizza oven.  After being enticed by a glimpse of a bubbling pizza, I just had to order one so opted for the BBQ chicken and cilantro version ($16).  As soon as the pizza is set down the smoky smell of the BBQ sauce, smoked white cheddar and roasted tomatoes hits your nose.  The mix of ingredients was enjoyable. The crust had a medium thickness and was soft and chewy, yet can still withstand being picked up; I only wished the dough itself was salted more as I love the crusts and found them to be slightly bland.

With the amazing view right outside the window, Cambridge Mill is a great place to enjoy a long meal with good company.  During the spring, it was great to see the various wildlife out and about.  In fact, during our visit, right outside the window was a Canadian goose attending to its nest of eggs (pictured but unfortunately a bit small as I couldn’t figure out the zoom function on the phone). The restaurant has a very bright and serene feeling to it and is a great place for lunch. 

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

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