Ginger and Onion (Markham)

Location: Markham, Ontario
Address: 7131 Kennedy Road, Markham (in Market Village at Pacific Mall)
Price: $2.60 for any dish on weekends
Type of Meal: Dim Sum
I love the variety of dishes they offer - there must be almost 100 types. Since they serve dim sum cart style they often have new "special" dishes. Additionally, unlike most dim sum places, they actually offer many vegetarian options so there's always something for everyone.
My Favourite Non-Staple Dishes:
  • Stir fried spicy prawns - this is a special that they don't often have. Each dish contains about five head-on shrimp that are flash fried then stir fried with salt, spices and peppers. If you like the calamari version of dish (often served at dinner or at congee restaurants) you'll love this.

  • Sago with egg custard pudding - a warm dessert that's a thick custard pudding mixed with sago (small clear tapioca balls) and a lotus paste centre.

Sago with egg custard pudding (1)

  • Deep fried, large, hollow sesame glutinous balls - wonderful when they are fresh out of the kitchen! They look huge but they are actually hollow on the inside. It's a slightly sweet crispy sesame covered gluten ball that is soft and chewy on the inside.

Sesame glutinous rice balls (2)

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

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