Casa Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine 名門金宴 (Markham)

Location: Markham, OntarioAddress: 4125 Steeles Avenue East
Type of Meal: Dim Sum
Prices: (S) $3.10, (M) $4.10, (L) $5.10, (XL) $7.10

When you first enter the restaurant, a large mansion, you may feel like you're in the wrong place with its numerous rooms, large British paintings adorning the walls and huge chandeliers. But, rest assured you're in the right place and will be treated to traditional dim sum.

If you don't know Cantonese, but still want to go where the locals go, this is where you should visit.  As a warning, the size of the dishes is larger than most here so my rule of them of three per person can be trimmed down to 2.5 dishes.

My Favourite Non-Staple Dishes:
  • Seafood and chicken dumpling in soup - large dumplings served in a bowl of rich flavourful seafood consommé. The old version of this use to have shark fin, but since that's been banned this has now disappeared. It's served with vinegar - my suggestion is to try it without the vinegar first or skip it all together as I find the vinegar ruins the lovely seafood essence.

Seafood and chicken dumpling in soup (1)

  • Deep fried dough wrapped with steamed rice noodle and topped with conpoy (dried scallop) - Get ready for a texture and flavour cacophony! Soft silky rice rolls wrapped around a crispy dough fritter, topped with crispy dried scallop. It comes with two sauces - sesame (light brown) and hoisin (dark black) and a small pot of warm sweetened soy sauce.

 Deep fried dough wrapped with steamed rice noodle and conpoy (2)

  • Steamed papaya and custard cake - light sponge cake layered with a thin slivers of papaya and custard. It's a great light dessert after a heavy meal.

Steamed papaya and custard cake (3)

Overall mark - 9 out of 10

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  • 6 - decent restaurant but I likely won't return
  • 7 - decent restaurant and I will likely return
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  • 9 - fantastic restaurant that I would love to visit regularly and highly recommend
  • 10 - absolute perfection!
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