Mums Great Comfort Food (Edinburgh)

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Address: 4A Forest Road
Type of Meal: Lunch 

Mums Great Comfort Food, the name pretty much sums up what this restaurant is all about.  Here they serve up Scottish/British classics using local produce, in good sized portions and at reasonable prices. Even their beer is home-grown offering various microbrewed options from Tempest Brewing, Thistly Cross Ciders and Knops Beer Company.  

I was advised I couldn’t visit Scotland and not try a steak and ale pie (£7.95). So, when I saw it on Mums’ menu I had to order it. When it arrived just the sight of it was astounding – the pastry crust is BIG.  As the waiter brings the towering pie to the table, I’m giddy like a child excited to break through the crusty exterior.  The crust is very airy with the middle separated into layers of soft supple dough with crispy edges. Since it wasn’t too buttery, the significant amount of crust wasn’t over powering but rather light tasting enough to be enjoyable (I almost finished the whole thing).  Deep inside on the bottom are tender chunks of steak, carrots, onions, mushroom and turnip slow cooked together in a delicious ale-laced gravy.  No pot pie will ever be the same for me after this experience. 

This was also my husband’s chance to try the famed bangers and mash (£6.95 for two).  Ordering this is no simple task as Mums dedicates a whole section of their menu and chalkboard to it - the combinations and choices are endless!  Their sausages are supplied by O’Hagans who prides themselves with using no additives and natural ingredients.  From the choice of seven he ordered two different styles (unfortunately names long forgotten), I tried a piece and it was delicious despite me not being a sausage fan.  Perhaps if all sausages tasted this fresh I would enjoy them more. Unlike the ones I’ve previously tried, they weren’t fatty tasting, had great herb and spices mixed throughout and not overly salty.

From the 16 (yes you heard right) mashed potato options he ordered the cheese and onion.  It was fluffy, buttery and absolutely loaded with cheese and onion; so much so that some of the onions had to be taken out because it was overpowering.  He selected for the classic brown gravy (from three choices), which arrives in a small jug allowing you to drown everything to your heart’s content.

Not pictured is the soup of the day (£2.75), on our visit I believe was butternut squash. I didn’t get a chance to try it so can’t comment on the taste but was a decent portion accompanied by a hunk of bread. Certainly, it could be a meal in itself if you just wanted something small.

Mum’s belief that “’gourmet’ can and should be for everyone” was certainly fulfilled on our visit. This is another great example of a restaurant in Scotland that is delicious, satisfying and won’t break the bank.
Overall mark - 8.5 out of 10

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