CLOSED: DT Bistro (Toronto)

Location: Toronto, Canada
Address: 154 Harbord Street
Type of Meal: Brunch

My first thought upon entering DT Bistro's dining room, after drooling at the pastry laden display case, was how bright and airy it was and boy it smelled good. Unlike some other restuarants that serve brunch, there were no crazy lineups and crowds but rather just enough patrons to give it credibility while still allowing a sense of tranquility and quick service.

The menu incorporates a good mix of breakfast and lunch offerings. Unfortunately, a fair number of them are denoted "seasonal" and thus my first choice (fried soft shell crab on brioche) was unavailable. Perhaps it's better as I ended up getting the slightly heart friendlier goat cheese frittata ($16) instead. Chocked full of vegetables including caramalized onions, spears of asparagus, ribbons of zucchini, peppers and sundried tomatoes, it certainly hit the spot first thing in the morning while giving me at least two servings of vegetables for the day.

Without relying on creamy sauces or too much cheese, the dots of tangy goat cheese made the fritatta light enough so I wasn't sluggish feeling after brunch. Served with a handful of salad (the raspberry balsamic dressing was quite nice) and toasted bread the bread was quite a hefty portion that couldn't be finished.

Of course it could be due to our table opting to start with a basket of scones ($7.50) which seemed like a popular choice. Not overly big, they are hot and crispy with a flakey soft centre; really what you'd expect in a scone. The batter had a lovely citrusy taste from small flecks of lemon rind. Accompanying the scones were Devonshire cream, apple compote and lemon curd . Overall, although the Devonshire cream was not as thick as I prefer, the compote and lemon curd were nice additions that gave the scones a nice flavour without being overly sweet and thick.

DT Bistro was quite enjoyable and great for last minute plans if you are not up for waiting. They also offer an afternoon tea package for $28 after 2pm that also seemed quite nice and perhaps could draw me back to try it one day.


Overall mark - 8 out of 10

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