CLOSED: The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant (New Orleans)

Location: New Orleans, USA
Address: 714 Saint Peter Street
Type of Meal: Breakfast

If you’re looking for affordable prices and home-style cooking The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant is the place for you. Situated in a house, upon entering you feel like you’ve come to grandma’s place – especially if grandma lives on a plantation. Complete with framed pictures of the staff members on the mantel it’s as if you’re visiting their home. And to sum it up, the general mood seems to be just like that. They are welcoming and laid back, pretty much fine with wherever you'd like to sit, but not above joking around as well.

I went with the abundant plantation breakfast ($13.25) likely intended for hard working harvesters rather than a meandering tourist. With choice of eggs, ham, biscuit or grits and a side of calas cakes you can easily share this breakfast. I have to be honest, the ham and eggs were average and the grits fairly bland (luckily there’s hot sauce, butter or sugar on the table); the eggs benedict my friend ordered looked much tastier. 

However, what drew me to the breakfast was the promise of calas cakes - what The Old Coffee Pot is known for. Their website notes the recipe dates back to the mid 1800’s, not long before when the restaurant was established in 1894. Essentially a blend of rice and spices, formed into a ball, deep fried and dusted with powdered sugar the cakes are reminiscent of rice pudding with cinnamon shining through. It was served with syrup on the side but I found the powdered sugar already gave it the right amount of sweetness, especially for the first meal of the day.  

Known for their breakfast options, a portion of the menu served all day, there’s an abundance of options to choose amongst. The meals aren’t fancy but are more than filling and fits into the homey feel of the restaurant. Although the food (with the exception of the calas cakes) isn’t fantastic the laid back atmosphere is quite nice and makes The Old Coffee Pot worth a visit. 

Overall mark - 6.5 out of 10

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