Crescent City Brewhouse (New Orleans)

Location: New Orleans, USA
Address: 527 Decatur Street
Type of Meal: Lunch

Located off of Decatur, Crescent City Brewhouse is a large two story restaurant that is hard to miss. Their restaurant also houses a microbrewery using natural ingredients and no chemicals or stabilizers or chemicals are used. With five to choose from, if you’re not sure which is best, you can also get their tasting flight ($8.50) that offers small glasses of each. Crescent City also offers various mixed drinks including a tasty Bloody Mary ($8.25) and inexpensive vodka waters ($6.75). 

We originally intended to just get a drink and rest, but we couldn’t help ordering a couple of nibbles to sustain us until dinner. First up the fried alligator sauce picante ($11.95) which is like popcorn beef except tougher due to the leaner meat. The gator meat was lightly seasoned with creole spices, deep fried and served with a spicy picante sauce (tastes like marinara). These warm nuggets were good for munching on and worth a try.

By far Crescent City’s most popular appetizer were the oysters, so much so that they have a gentleman downstairs that just constantly shucks them. We ordered six to share ($8.95) and were astounded by the size of these things! Our helpful waiter, Mark, advised that they are so gigantic as Louisiana has the right water temperature and consistency that presents ideal year-round breeding conditions. Apprehensive at first, I was glad that the oysters were very clean tasting. Admittedly the shells were a bit gritty and needed a good scrubbing; you definitely want to use a fork and not just tip these back.

The restaurant also has the quintessential wrought iron balcony seating area with a slight lake view. It looked so appealing that we returned for lunch one afternoon. I opted for the crispy chicken salad ($13.95) which was packed with chicken tenders, slices of avocado, cheddar cheese, a hard-boiled egg and with a thick honey mustard vinaigrette. The salad certainly hit the spot with a good mix of healthy and decadent ingredients and ended up being fairly filling.

All in all, Crescent City Brewhouse is a great central location to stop for drinks and an informal meal while walking around the French Quarter. While peaking at other individual’s orders their burgers and sandwiches also looked good with heaping mounds of shoestring fries on the side. 

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

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Photo Sources:

  1. Special thank you to my friend Jill for the pictures of the alligator bites and oysters.