My Wonderful Kitchen 十粥十 (Richmond Hill)

Location: Richmond Hill, Canada
Address: 350 Highway 7 East, Unit 101
Type of Meal: Dinner

Hidden at the back of a Richmond Hill strip mall, My Wonderful Kitchen, busy even during week nights, is a place known to local residents. Luckily, the restaurant is enormous so there's no wait and unlike some competitors, their tables are comfortably spaced and the large enough to hold the various dishes.

Deep fried squid in spicy salt ($6.95) is one of my favourite dishes, so I've had it at uncountable restaurants, including Luckee. This was possibly one of the best versions I've ever had! Piping hot, the crispy crust retains its shape (creating almost a shell) while inside the squid remained tender and moist. Every piece was evenly coated with the spicy salt seasoning so there no bland ones. And to top it off, they were presented with an edible "shell", what a great idea!

What My Wonderful Kitchen has going for them is their intense flavours. The fried rice noodle with shrimp and BBQ pork in curry sauce ($7.95) had a hefty dose of curry powder making it fairly spicy but still bearable.  As a warning, the “sauce” in the name is deceiving as the noodles are dry (don’t expect liquid curry). If you’ve ever had Singapore vermicelli at other restaurants, this is pretty much the same thing except made with flat chewy rice noodles. Mixed with BBQ pork, shrimp, crunchy bean sprouts, onions and slivers of bell peppers for colour it’s a great choice if you can handle heat.

Another satisfying dish was the super-sized House special noodle soup ($8.95), where it arrived in a candle heated serving vessel. Despite the shallow bowl, there was a fair amount of noodles – enough for approximately seven bowls. Moreover, there was a great selection of toppings including plump shrimp wontons, Shanghai wontons (same as shrimp except includes slivers of crunchy black fungus) and tender braised brisket & beef tendon. Once again the soup base had a deep flavour; some people, such as my dad, may find it too salty, but it was perfect for me. 

To end a complementary cold mango tapioca dessert. The soupy consistency threw me off at first as I was expecting mango Jello. But, it was a decent sweet to end the meal.

I’m torn after eating at My Wonderful Kitchen.  Congee Wong has always been my go-to congee and noodle restaurant but I feel like it may have been dethroned.  Alas, if only Wonderful Kitchen wasn’t so far away from my house, I’d definitely be returning regularly to try more of their extensive menu.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

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