North of Brooklyn (Toronto)

Location: Toronto, Canada
Address: 469 Church Street
Type of Meal: Lunch

While walking down Church Street, make sure to look down as you may miss a wonderful pizzeria. North of Brooklyn is a casual place with a single four-person table and an equal amount of bar stools if you wish to sit in. But, you’ll likely want to take-out on hot summer days, as it gets warm in there. However, the wonderful smell of baking pizza makes it hard to resist.

The limited menu offers five premade pizzas, three salads and garlic knots; but, this helps the orders get efficiently completed. My coworkers and I ordered three different slices and shared them so we could try various flavours.

The margherita ($3.99) had a good portion of rich tomato sauce. Since we were sharing the mozzarella distribution was a little off with one slice barely having any. Despite the lack of cheese the flavours were spot on and the crust very thin, chewy and having a great toasted bottom. With large airy pockets, the crust is great to munch on or could be dipped into garlic sauce if you prefer.

Kale and bacon ($4.40) is a surprisingly delicious combination. With chunks of well-cooked double smoked bacon, crispy toasted kale, gooey mozzarella, sharp percorino and garlic this is a stronger flavoured slice. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found with some red pepper flakes it was even better.

North of Brooklyn has a great rendition of white pizza ($4.40) where the base is a light layer of garlic oil (wasn't overpowering but present). The dots of creamy ricotta and cheesy mozzarella add richness but is offset by the fresh tangy arugula salad on top (added after baking). Out of the three, this combination was definitely most suited for me.

All their signature pizzas can be purchased by the slice or whole pie. Due to the ultra thin crusts North of Brooklyn’s offerings are light and great for the summer.  Also, since these are not overly filling you could add a side of garlic knots, salad or perhaps just another slice!

Overall mark - 7.5 out of 10

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