Jake Melnick's Corner Tap (Chicago)

Location: Chicago, USA
Address: 41 E Superior Street
Website: http://www.jakemelnicks.com/index
Type of Meal: Lunch

We found Jake Melnick's Corner Tap by chance while looking for a place without a wait and close to the Magnificent Mile. It was a great find with their laid-back friendly staff, hearty food and monstrous portions. Trust me, you want to share your food. Especially if you order the cobb salad, as the plates are platter sized.

My husband’s sloppy pig ($11.95) was absolutely delicious. A great combination of 14-hour slow smoked pulled pork in a thick sweet sauce, melted cheese, onion frizzles and something spicy (pickled jalapenos perhaps)? I loved how juicy it was and just ate forks of meat and cheese with fries, making my own poutine in the process.

Meanwhile, my BBQ beef brisket sandwich ($12.95) was decent but not nearly as good as the sloppy pig. The sandwich had plenty of 17-hour slow smoked brisket but didn’t have enough sauce, so it was rather bland. I would have loved to have a squeeze bottle or small dish of BBQ sauce on the side so that I could add more when necessary.

The fries were my favourite part – hot and freshly made with real potatoes. Additionally, there was a side of coleslaw which was creamy and sweet (not the best combination for me and hence didn’t put it on my sandwich) and slices of juicy dill pickles which was great at cutting the brisket’s richness.

All in all, I wouldn’t consider Jake Melnick’s to be a restaurant you have to go to while visiting Chicago. But, if you’re in the neighbourhood, it’s a great choice for larger groups and will fill you with enough energy to last the day.

Overall mark - 7.5 out of 10

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